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The management of King Plus company relies on the commitment and efforts of all employees, to ensure the current and future success of our business strategy and good reputation
King Plus company management follow a formal and clearly defined approach to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for its employees
From the moment they are hired, all personnel undergo annual or bi-annual health and fitness consultations with an occupational doctor, who checks also for any possible occupational illness


King Plus is committed to continuous improvement of all aspects of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and skills development in order to meet the expectations of its employees and its other stakeholders
With this goal, the management of King Plus has implemented formal social responsibility processes, which are fully compliant of the SA 8000 standards.

King Plus is thus committed to:

  • Document and communicate its social policy with employees
  • Comply with national legislation and other international social responsibility principals
  • Involve all stakeholders in these social responsibility policies


The management ensures all regulatory and environmental requirements are properly implemented and adhered to, in order to provide fully compliant, motivating, comfortable and safe working conditions by:

  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment
  • Taking adequate measures to prevent health and safety incidents and any possible occupational injuries or illnesses
  • Being diligent to minimize and eliminate, the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment

We believe that material waste equals financial waste. We are constantly exploring new ways to reduce or reuse them. All our waste is sorted: fabric, paper, wood, plastic and cardboard. This is collected by our approved recycling partners.

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