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About us:
Founded in 2000, King Plus is a Tunisian textile industry company.
Demonstrating technical expertise since its creation, King Plus is always up to
the expectations of its customers.
Thanks to its business sense, its qualified staff and its production tool. King
Plus Group has been able to gain trust of major brands known internationally.

Respect for the environment, employment law and women’s rights :
King Plus stands out for its equity policy and social justice. These aspects are
consolidated by the respect of international standars and respect for

One family in king Plus :
We want the best for our group members, nothing is possible without them. We
are always work on providing the most healthy environment.
We have a social responsibility in our country.

Our vision
In king plus, we are always searching to satisfy our customers by offering
various items: shorts, trousers, jacket, skirt, shirt… for either adults and children.
Our vision is based on the following 3 pillars:
Increase profitability
♦ Ensure customer satisfaction
♦ Improve social well being
We aim to guarantee our durability by satisfying all our customers needs.
  • Listening to and satisfying the needs of stakeholders
  • Mastery and control of product and costs
  • Building of partnerships with stakeholders
  • Building of partnerships with stakeholders
We set the best team for your project
we love what we do
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